Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last rant. new thought.

New home. New colors. Same us and that's exactly the way we want it. You can change certain aspects of your life, but changing yourself is a much bigger challenge. We didn't move. We painted walls, we bought new furniture, we changed things around. We didn't change one bit. I am quite happy about that!

Our friend Theresa and her daughter, Diane came to visit today. Theresa gave me a framed picture of my pups, Roxy and Charlie. How did she know that is my favorite picture of them ever? How can I tell her how much that will mean to me for as long as I live? How do you ever quantify that kind of love? Well, you can't. But I look at the picture of my little "kids" and I think about how grateful I am to Theresa for knowing me well enough to give me such a gift. Love is really something.

Tonight is my last post on blogger. I will post my link to everyone as soon as I figure that all out. I am moving to wordpress because the best writers I know give their wisdom there.

Please stay with me. I can promise that neither I, nor my blog will change.

                                       Peace and Love.



  1. The house looks great! Love the colors & it looks so sparkly clean :)

    How Sweet of Theresa to gift you with a framed pic of your pups! A beautiful frame surrounding loved ones is a treasure for sure.

    Of course we're excited that you are moving over to wordpress! I know you've heard from a lot us bloggers about the platform and you know where to go if you need help (all your lady-blogger gal pals will help if you need it!)

    Heidi & Atticus
    "commentary to give you paws..."

  2. I will happily accept any help I can get. I want to be like you guys when I grow up!

  3. Love the colors, Bill! So happy you aren't changing. :-) Of course, I will follow you whether you're spreading your message of goodness and love through Wordpress, carrier pigeon or sitting on a beach.

    caregiving. family. advocacy.

  4. I love the look of your home in that photo. It's amazing how much you can do by just working with what you've got.

    Great decision to move to Wordpress.I think you're really going to enjoy it.

    Inspired Art and Living