Friday, November 4, 2011

My way of thinking/ Dreams

" Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true."

"A dream is a wish your heart makes."

"When you wish upon a star your dreams  come true."  Familiar lyrics to familiar songs.  We grew up with the idea that dreams really do come true.  And we were brought up right!  "And because these daft and dewy-eyed dopes keep building up impossible hopes, impossible things are happ'ning every day."

I was thinking today about the hopes and dreams we all have.  I think that as we get a little older, we start to lose the faith to believe in our dreams.  What a mistake that is!  Of course not every dream comes true.  Life teaches us that in a hurry.  But when we stop daring to dream, we limit ourselves in a multitude of ways.  We leave the childlike wonder behind and focus on the unrelenting realities that barrage our daily lives.  What fun is there in that?  If we no longer dare to dream, what chance is there for miracles?

I love to dream about what I would do if I won one of those giant lottery jackpots.  Since I very rarely spend the buck it takes to play, my dream is obviously unrealistic.  But I dream about it anyway because it makes me happy.  It makes me happy to think that I could really make a difference in a financial way to the causes that are near and dear to my heart.  I am old enough, and wise enough, not to dream of mansions and cars.  I like to dream about ways that I can leave a legacy behind.  Writing this blog is part of that dream.  But if i don't write it, my dream can't come true any more than winning the lottery can happen if I don't buy a ticket.

I guess that what I'm trying to say is: Dreams can be very helpful.  I am grateful for the ability to dream of things to strive for.  Whether the dream becomes reality or not is really irrelevant.  The magic is in the wish, the hope, the desire to live a better life.  And we can dream for others who are unwilling, or unable, to dream for themselves.

                                            Peace and Love,




  1. Love it, so timely anytime. I like especially the closing statement; the magic is in the true, and what a profound thought. Thanks, as always, for writing. It is the highlight of my day if I face a blog to read!

  2. Thank you Sandy. I am so thrilled that you enjoy these posts of mine. People like you keep me going!

    Love, Austin/Bill

  3. Bill, I'm so glad I read this tonight. You are so right that it is never wrong to dream even if sometimes the dreams don't come to fruition. Think of all the people you touch with these posts (even if people don't always comment, they read and you've made a difference in their life). "The magic is in the wish." A beautiful way to end my blog reading for the evening. Thank you, Bill.

    caregiving. family. advocacy.

  4. Hear,hear Bill. I spoke on this very topic at last week's retreat. Never let ANYONE steal your dreams

  5. Hi Austin,

    I am living in my dream world all the time :-)
    So many people are trying to be grown-up all the time which I find so boring and sad -where's their fun?! With our imagination we can be anything and anyone we want to be and it becomes reality. Make your reality a dream and your dreams reality and you'll have what you want,

    keep on dreaming!

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

  6. ah... gotta be a dreamer! it's that childlike state where anything is possible. as "grown ups" that state can sometimes be lost, but I believe the most successful folks are also big dreamers.

    funny fantasizing about winning the lottery but never buying a ticket!

    Heidi & Atticus
    "commentary to give you paws..."

  7. If we stop dreaming, why continue living? I believe our hopes and dreams have a huge part in shaping us into the people we are and are so important. They are also fun and exciting so why would anyone ever want to give that up?

    Julie Labes: The Fun-Loving, Feisty, Fearless, Frisky, Fierce Over 50 Traveler

  8. This reminds me of something producer and director JJ Abrams said about a mystery magic box his grandfather bought him when he was a kid. He says the possibilities of the contents of the box are more exciting than what is actually in there, so he has never opened it and keeps it on his desk.