Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Way Of Thinking: Destiny

It is beyond my comprehension that so many people feel that destiny is something that is thrust upon them. Destiny is made up of choices that we make every single day.I realize that oftentimes we come to crossroads in life and that sometimes we have very difficult decisions to make. But these decisions are not impossible to make. We choose what path we want to take. And while many of you disagree with me I'm sure already, I feel like I have to speak my mind on the subject. 

Just today I got into an argument on Facebook. It was about a dog who was being offered for adoption because the owner had to move and could no longer take care of the animal. I don't understand the difference between having an animal who depends upon you or a child who also depends upon you. Evidently this person was being forced to move to a new home, or something like that. These things happen and I can understand that. But, leaving a living being behind because you have to move just doesn't seem reasonable as an excuse to me. There's so many things that you can do. They start for one thing you can find a landlord that will accept animals or children or whatever. Or you can get the animal certified as a service dog, service animal, or emotional support animal. This can apply to a cat or bird as well. I just had a problem with getting rid of the seven year old dog, who has been a part of the family for that length of time as being a rather absurd choice. I think that I would choose to live behind the dumpster before ever giving up one of my beloved animals. They are children. Would you put a child in foster care because your landlord would no longer accept children? Of course not.

I sometimes think that people see destiny as something that they have thrown upon them by no fault of their own. That is simply not true, not to me or any thinking individual. Our destiny is made up by a series of choices that we ourselves make. Nobody else makes them for us. We give up certain amount of responsibility when we choose to think that others make our decisions for us. I can honestly say that everything good or bad that has happened in my life has been a direct result of my own decisions. If you really think about it, I think that you will have to agree that you always had choices and those were choices that you made yourself. When you take on responsibilities those responsibilities are yours and yours alone. I cannot imagine a situation where you give up your own ability to make choices. Giving up a child, or a pet, or a loved one because life became a little bit inconvenient, or even a lot inconvenient, doesn't seem like a reasonable choice to me.

This may seem a little bit harsh to some of you, because it forces you to take on responsibility for your own life. But if you don't take on that responsibility, you are, in a way forcing somebody to take that responsibility on for you. And why the hell should they? I deal with people every single day of my life who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and their own choices. Should I pat them on the back and tell them everything will be okay if they just wish it hard enough? That somehow seems stupid to me.

I suppose this must seem like a rant to some of you. Maybe it is. But I hope that this will get you thinking about the responsibilities and the choices that you make when you take on those responsibilities. Moving on does not mean moving everything in your path behind you. Moving on means taking those responsibilities that you already have along with you. You can leave possessions behind, but an animal or child is not a possession. It is a responsibility that you made the choice to take on in the first place. Responsibility cannot be left behind. Believe me, it will still be there to bite you in the ass later on down the road.

I do recognize that there are some people who believe in predestination. I believe that that is a crock of shit. If everything were preordained, then why the heck would I bother to make any choices at all? Food for thought my friends. Is my opinion and I'm sticking to it. You can agree or disagree, that would be your choice. And ultimately, I leave all your choices up to you.

                                           Peace and Love,



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