Monday, December 5, 2011

I love elephants because I see them as being BOLD.  That's how I see myself as well.  I have never made choices that anyone would consider average, or normal.  I march to my own different drummer.  Some people love me for that trait.  Some people can't stand it.  If everyone had their way, we could all be exactly the same.  I am being silly.  Of course, we are not the same.  Our differences are what make us interesting.  Well, RIGHT?  No two elephants are alike.

I have begun a new adventure.  I have started my own blogging group called, "Austin's Bloggers".  Why have I done this?  So glad you asked.  I wanted a bunch of people to join me in writing for the fun of it.  The group that I belonged to before was fantastic!  I made some wonderful friends there.  But five or six friends didn't seem like enough.  I hope that I can encourage more people to tap on their keyboards and share what is on their minds.  I have made a few people angry by making this choice.  I am truly sorry that I made anyone angry.  If you have read any one of my blogs you know that anger isn't on my to do list.  If it's on your list, go right ahead and vent on "Austin's Bloggers".  We can take it!

I have been privileged to meet some wonderful writers on this journey of mine.  Trish Hughes Kreis, Jerry Castaldo, Robert Levithan, Paul Boynton, have all written books I highly recommend.  I am leaving a few out, I know.  I will share them later.  Right now I am just introducing  new place to speak your mind.  Feel free to advertise whatever you want.  Feel free period!  Oh, check out Judy Stone Goldman and her facebook page, "The Reflective Writer".  There still are more great writers.  Atticus Uncensored is a favorite blog.  Now you can tell me who you want ME to know.  That's how I want this to work.  I really do love you all!!!!

                                                            Peace and Love,



  1. Bill ~

    No one was angry with you for leaving the other group. Many of us reached out to you as friends to try to find out what was wrong. Some are angry because you didn't respond to the many messages reaching out to you or the fact that you wrote many negative things about the people that cared about you.

    You had more then 5 or 6 friends there and it's a shame you've chosen not to acknowledge the other that did truly care about you. Some may not have commented as much as others but we still enjoyed your blog & your friendship.

    I find it interesting that you say you're sorry here but you won't say it to the group where you actually hurt people and sadly those people won't see it since you only posted it in your blog.

    I hope your new group does well and you find what you are looking for.

  2. You have to read no further than your own comment,June. You seem to be the one with anger issues. Regardless, I am fine. Best of luck to you!

  3. I'm not angry Bill, just disappointed. I don't see how reaching out and trying to be a friend is anger. Again, your choice and you're entitled to your view of the situation.

    I hope you find happiness in your new group.

  4. Austin thanks for inviting me to be a part of your blogging group. As you know I like to shed light on design and how it's all around us and affects us. So I'm happy to be a part of your group. I recently left a group that was not offering very much but willing to take, so I know what you must be feeling. But onto better and bigger things!

  5. Bill, Thank you for the shout out! I stopped going to the circus when my daughter was very young because of the way animals are treated and I couldn't bear to look at the elephants and other animals without feeling awful for them. Thanks for the invite to the group. I'm happy to be part of both groups but am sorry it didn't work out for you in our other group.

    caregiving. family. advocacy.

  6. I love and appreciate the comments, even the one aimed at the heart! Like my elephants, we are not all alike.