Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My way of thinking/ Atticus

I don't have a picture to share of my pup friend Atticus.  I do have many of my own kids, Roxy and Charlie, so I will use this picture to demonstrate the love that dogs share with us and one another.

Atticus left this physical plane last night in his mama's arms.  Heidi loved him with all her heart and let that be known through her wonderful blog, "Atticus Uncensored".  She dressed him up in crazy outfits and gave us all smiles.  But, far more importantly, she used the voice of Atticus to remind us of issues like social justice, unconditional love, war and peace.  Only a dog can truly convey these important topics.  We humans are not that smart.

I will love Atti, as I like to call him, as long as I live.  During his illness I sent him my loving energy every day.  Now he is repaying me with his own loving energy.  Anyone who thinks that it's "just a dog" can hang up the phone.  A soul is a soul.  Period.  Exclamation point!

My love for dogs is well known.  My friend, Theresa, lost her beloved dog, Maynard, very recently.  I cried for Maynard.  I cry for Atticus, his mom, his brother, Wilbur, and his kitty sister, Bella.

Atticus leaves a legacy of pure unaduterated love.  Heidi Alberti shared this love with all of us.  We are all the richer for it.  Let us honor that love by sharing it!

                                            Peace and Love,



  1. Thanks for sharing your loving remembrance, Bill. I have no doubt there will be many streaming out this week. Atti's voice will be sorely missed. He was a brave, brave spirit (and the most patient soul I can imagine--wearing every outfit so gallantly and calmly!)

    I am still in a bit of shock that Atticus is gone.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Personal-Professional Balance Through Writing

  2. Very nice memorial of Atticus, Austin. I think Heidi will really appreciate this kind gesture.

  3. Touching eulogy Bill!

    Atticus was all that and more... Heidi's alter ego, her friend and front man. He is the voice of reason in our heads.

    God speed Atticus and Thank you for being you.

    Laine D.

  4. Austin, thank you, how beautifully said!
    My thoughts are with Heidi and I know how she needs our support -especially now.
    Much love and warm thoughts,

  5. What a lovely tribute Bill. Yes, Atti was quite a character and a beautiful soul. He certainly will be missed. x

  6. I love that you wrote and shared this, Bill. I got to know Atti and fell in love with him, too, as well as with Heidi, who is a real light in this world. I have lost much-loved furry friends in the past and the pain of that loss is something I can still feel when I think about it. One of my best friend kitties whom I had for over 13 years, actually comforted me after her death by appearing to me in a dream and letting me know she was o.k. As I told Heidi, I truly believe that our beloved pets that have left us are happily awaiting us in Heaven and it will be a joyous reunion!

  7. Thank you all for these dear comments. Love is truly UNIVERSAL!

  8. Very nice, Bill. There is a star in the sky tonight named Atticus, and he is watching over Heidi with love and gratitude for a life well loved.

  9. Thank you for this beautiful tribute, Bill. I'm so touched & at a loss for words.... Atticus was just so special & my grief is unsurpassed...


  10. Bill, What a loving tribute to Atticus. My heart breaks for Heidi. It's so hard to believe he is gone. Atticus spread much love and joy (as does Heidi) and your testimonial to that love is beautiful.

    caregiving. family. advocacy.

  11. I feel such sadness for Heidi...I would have surely loved Atticus. His name alone, makes me smile.

  12. Beautiful and touching tribute from a heart filled with love.

  13. I am NEVER at a loss for words. Well, never say never. Thank you all for sharing your love with Atticus, Heidi, and me. I love Atticus as I love my own. I still hear his voice and fully expect his voice will continue to sound. His brother, Wilbur may have to step in.

  14. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to Atticus Bill! I am also a FOA and feel my heart has broken. The support that Heidi is getting from this whole community is just wonderful and I hope it helps her in her difficult journey. When you lose a best four-legged friend there will always be a hole, time will help her fill it with the joyous love that Atticus gave her and she will feel him with her at all times.
    Thank you again for this beautiful piece and for the love you give Heidi also! ♥