Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My way of thinking/ Mr. Budders

Every once in awhile a picture comes along that expresses everything  I hold dear.  This picture of my new friend Julie's grandson, Justin with his beloved friend, Mr. Budders speaks for itself.  Can any words speak more eloquently about love?  My readers know that love is my theme.  A boy and his dog.  Me.

Mr. Budders was one of those pet shop impulse buys.  Stores are in the business of making money so they will sell to anyone.  No background check.  No questions about what kind of home environement you can provide.  Just pay and you have a pet.  But we know there is so much more to having a new family member than that.  Mr. Budders was rescued by Julie Harris when she found him in an abusive situation.  She actually took him away from her daughter-in-law who seemed to think a backyard dog was fine.  Geez.  That's right.  Just stick a loving animal in your backyard, put out some food and water if you remember to do it and call him your "pet".

Cocker Spaniels are notoriously overbread.  They often come with health issues.  Julie has learned this to the tune of thousands of dollars.  Every penny was spent with love.  This is a person worthy of having a dog.  But people need to know what they're getting into when they buy that doggie in the window.

Dogs don't usually come housebroken.  Forget carpet.  Buy paper towels in bulk.  Plan on a process of training with lots of love.  If you don't have lots of love to share, stick to ordering out for pizza!  But, if you do have love to spread around, you will be well rewarded by the love you will receive in return.

My friend, Scott VerSprill and I have started a group on Facebook called "Robin's Hope: A Place for Animal Awareness".  I urge you to join us with your stories, pictures, and love for four legged friends!  My partner, Jon and our "kids", Roxy and Charlie will also be grateful for your love and support.  Together we can all make a HUGE difference!!!

                                        Peace and Love,




  1. Great picture, Bill! You are doing great things for the dogs in world by raising awareness, volunteering, finding loving homes for dogs who need them. Thanks for all of your wonderful work!

    caregiving. family. advocacy.

  2. I have hope, Trish that these heartfelt posts will make a difference in some small way. There are new horizons before us. I look forward to seeing where the next sunrise will lead us!

  3. Great pic. And I have a cousin with three backyard dogs. I always ask her why spend the money on dogs she keeps in the back and doesn't even take care of. She gets annoyed with me, but I don't care. It's not fair to the animals.