Sunday, March 11, 2012

My way of thinking/ The Little Things

It is all about the little things we do in life.  I like to try to do BIG things, but when it comes down to it, it's about that smile to a stranger.  It's about letting the cashier know they are valued.  It all comes to sharing love.  Give from the heart and you'll always get from some one's heart.  It doesn't always have to come from the person you gave to.  It may very well come from the most unexpected source.  How about the love of a dog or a cat?  That is a giant reward to me.  For those who have children, that love has to be grand beyond belief!  Then there's the love you can feel from a gentle breeze.  The sunrise.  Goodness is always there if that is what we are looking to see.

I am blessed to have many friends in my life.  Sometimes they come to me with things they perceive to be problems.  Often they are totally justified.  I can offer them love and support.  I can be understanding and comforting.  And, if there problem is only in the way they are looking at something, I can share my point of view.  That is a little thing.  Every blessed day is full of opportunities to share some little things, moments, smiles, a touch to let someone know that you are present.  Doesn't always have to be a grand gesture.  Think small.  It will become big.

This is a short little story because it's about little things.  Just remember to see and appreciate what is right before your eyes.  All you need is love!  (Stealing from The Beatles!)

                                          Peace and Love,



  1. I like that Bill - "Think small. It will become big." So true! We never fully realize the impact a small gesture (to us) means to someone else. Thanks for the reminder.

    caregiving. family. advocacy.

  2. I love that song and it's true. It's a shame most people seem to do the opposite. I agree with your statement. It really is the little things. It doesn't take much at all. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. I am always so blessed by your loving comments. Thank you.

    Love, Austin/Bill

  4. I once wrote a blog about "doing small" instead of trying to do something big, but that was more about accomplishing a project or a goal. Your message about giving and receiving love is so immediate and personal.

    Sorry to not have been around to comment of late. My story of losing Fretta required some inner time, as I think you know. But I wouldn't have made it through without the loving comments and support of friends, in all realities!