Monday, October 10, 2011

Austin's Thoughts: my way of thinking

I have to share with everyone our wonderful Saturday night. Jon and I were visited by one of my former voice students and her husband. Robyn, after 20 years and some persistant searching, found me on Facebook. She and her husband, Steve made the trip from San Diego to Palm Springs. It was such a touching effort on their part. I was thrilled to think that one of my students from 20 years ago would have that kind of regard for little ol' me!

Robyn was always an amazing student. She was determined to be the very best singer that she could be. She studied with me for 3 years and, during those years, she worked harder than anyone. By your students you'll be taught. I was proud to pass my knowledge to one so dedicated. And our work together paid off in so many ways.

Robyn is now a professional singer working in San Diego. She wanted my opinion on a number of songs that she has recorded. I felt honored and humbled by that compliment. We spent the evening on Saturday talking about the songs, her career, and our years of working together. Poor Jon and Steve. They had to listen to hours of technical vocal stuff that can't have been of much interest. They handled it with love and support. They were both happy to see people that they love having such a wonderful time.

I was not generally friends with my students. I loved them but kept that student/teacher relationship strictly professional. Now I get to drop that and have a fantastic new friend. And I get the bonus of having her husband, Steve as a new friend as well. Jon also gets to share in this deal. Talk about win/win!

We are blessed to have many friends. The love that flows through our lives is the fuel that keeps us going. Everything good that happens comes from love. We never allow ourselves to forget that. Not even for a moment.

                                      Peace and Love




  1. what a wonderful thing, to have this gift of friendship with your former student and her husband. You must have really touched her life with your talents and teaching expertise, Bill! loved reading about your visit...and renewed friendship.

  2. Thank you Lauri! It's sure nice to know that you make a difference to people's lives.

  3. As a long-time teacher, I can appreciate how special this was for you. Obviously you made a big difference in this student's life since she worked to find you and traveled to see you. You deserved your night of tech talk and the glow that comes from being appreciated.

    Do you still sing yourself? I know you've posted some pieces of this part of yourself, but I haven't put the whole picture together.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Personal-Professional Balance Through Writing

  4. Bill, What a wonderful Saturday evening! It must have been so special to have a former student make that much effort after such a long time. This is just another example of how we don't even know how we may affect someone else with our words & deeds. Who knows if she would even be a professional singer without your help! Now, you get a new friend. A very uplifting story, Bill. Thank you for sharing it!

    caregiving. family. advocacy.

  5. What a testament to you to have a student from over 20 years ago seek you out and still value your advice. You should feel proud of your accomplishments. :) Thanks for sharing. After watching the world news tonight, it was nice to read something uplifting.

  6. I'm so happy you reconnected with your former student --- now friend! What a blessing to see how your teaching skills transferred into her real life -- into her real profession! You must have felt very proud :)

    Cheers to Jon & Steve for allowing the two of you to reconnect and "talk your talk"!

    Heidi & Atticus

  7. Good teachers are wonderful people and huge blessings. I have been lucky to be taught by a handle of dedicated and patient teachers in the past, so I know what it must have been like for Robyn to get back in touch with you. Thanks for sharing!