Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rant # 3

Day 3. And here I go.

I had a plan for what I wanted to share today, but plans sometimes have to be changed.

I was asked the question " How can I maintain that connection with spirit/soul"? Well, here is what I do.

Every morning I get up in time for sunrise whether I want to or not. I watch the sun come up and I meditate, meaning that I free my conscious thought and feel the rays and color of the sunrise to renew the energy that I will need for the day. I allow the light that is born of the sun to infuse every cell with power. I watch the changing colors and let them fill me with the love that will get me through the day ahead. I feel the healing energy and accept it. Then I am ready for the new day. The new me.

It might sound simple but it requires committment. Trust me, it doesn't come with the first try. Freeing the mind is a process that takes practice and patience. The result is well worth the effort. Once you feel comfortable with the process you can begin to focus and send the light/love energy and send it towards whoever you want. The power is not yours but the connection of your spirit and the Universal/ God energy is what creates miracles.

We must work hard to get to the point where we can let go of the thoughts that have always shaped us. We have to reprogram our brains, much like rebooting the dvr from time to time. We have to let go of all those things that slow us down. Fear is our worst enemy. Think about it. Fear is at the core of all negative thought. Love is at the center of everything positive.

Again my friends, I only share what I feel. I don't claim to know anything. I only am sharing what works for me. If anyone gains from these rants, it will bless untold numbers of living creatures.

Peace and Love,



  1. This is a beautiful post, Bill (although I certainly wouldn't call it a "rant"! that's a negative word & you're not a negative person)

    it is hard for us humans to clear our minds --- to find that space between thoughts & emotions to just "be". but the more we practice, the more peaceful we become & that's for certain.

    I hope you'll begin adding photos to your blog. I want to See that sunrise for myself!

    Heidi & Atticus
    "commentary to give you paws..."

  2. Beautiful Bill...what you say isn't ranting. The word 'rant' is a negative word! It should read Austin's Daily Thoughts or Austin's World...something like that! That's positive!
    Everything you say is wonderful but very hard to achieve when you're surrounded with negativity. My family is toxic...that's why I moved far a way from them! They still haunt me...until my dad is gone, then I will have peace!
    Your words are inspiring!