Sunday, August 28, 2011

Well it was bound to happen. Sooner or later I had to have a day that didn't turn out right so that I can let you know that I too am only human.

I woke up with a very upset tummy. Well, these things happen. But I was supposed to meet an old friend from High School days for lunch. Since I was married to the bathroom, I had to cancel. Obviously that was disappointing. Still I told myself that maybe this just wasn't meant to be right now. Pretty positive way of looking at it, right?

Well, later in the day, I was looking at the various posts on Facebook. There was one that was very anti-gay. You know. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Cultures that accepted homosexuals fell. It's immoral. Blah, blah blah. I usually ignore such ignorance but today I decided to take on the battle.  I was wasting my breath and I knew it. But I persisted in making my point. When I finally realized that I was up against a Ku Klux Clan mentality, I finally came up for air. I was angry and I know that anger and love don't dwell in the same place. So I had a choice. I could continue a negative discussion and remain angry, or I could end it with a loving statement, assuring the combatant that we would have to agree to disagree. I chose the latter.

I share this with you because I want you to know that living in the light of love is not easy. It takes constant effort, and when you find yourself trapped in a no win situation, you have to develop the self control, and self knowledge, to reign yourself back in. Believe me, it IS work and it is always ongoing. We all have days that just refuse to go our way, but those days have a purpose. They remind us to be vigilant. We are reminded to stop the negativity, look inward, find the love at our center, and regroup. I KNOW that is hard to do sometimes!

I had to fight the impulse to verbally bash someone because I was having a less than perfect day. Was it easy for me? Hardly. But I did it because I chose what kind of person I want to be. Everyone has that choice. Embrace each moment as it comes. Try your best to keep from giving in to a negative moment, but if you find yourself in that place, take a moment to remember that your choice was to be loving and kind. Remove yourself from the situation with a loving affirmation, and move on.

I never kid my readers. It ain't easy, but the rewards are soooo worth the effort. I will sleep well tonight knowing that I will have the opportunity to do better tomorrow.

                                             Peace and Love,


                                                                        The way I think                                                          


  1. Bill, I am really sorry you were ill today. I hope you're feeling better now (or at least on the mend).

    I am not one to keep my opinions to myself (heck, my tagline for my blog includes the word "advocacy"). Even though you knew you couldn't change that ignorant person, you also knew you had to say something. You can't just let ignorance hang out there. Disagreements like that can get heated and may not feel like coming from a place of love but I think we have to speak up even if it makes us uncomfortable. You don't know who you may have affected with your comments to that woman (maybe you changed an opinion without knowing it).

    I try to be reasonable with people but there are some really unreasonable people in the world and sometimes you just have to let them have it! (Obviously, I have some work to do). :-) I'm sorry you came across a difficult person today, especially when you were sick!

    Take care,

    caregiving. family. advocacy.

  2. Just one of those days, Trish. You are so right. There are situations that you would be remiss to ignore. My main point is that I made my case, and then made sure to leave the conversation with as much love as I could summon up.

  3. Bummer about being sick. I wonder how that Facebook user would feel about you being married to your bathroom though, LOL! :D Sorry that just tickled my funnybone...I'm easily amused.

  4. such a Real post --- love it! but certainly don't like hearing that you are sick (that's never fun!). before I continue, I must laugh out loud at bcc's comment!!! a clever turn of phrase that sums up your post humorously. you gotta laugh, right?

    I also get fired up by certain sentiments (anti-gay rhetoric gets my blood boiling!!) and it can be difficult to remain loving when buttons are pushed. I tell myself "back away from the keyboard...." (in my best cop voice!)

    hope you are feeling better today

  5. That WAS funny! I am fine now. It was just a 24 hour inconvenience. Jon and I have been on a two day shopping spree. Yesterday was new clothes and new kithchen stuff, Dishes, knives, pots and pans, casserole dishes, silverware Today we're buying all new furniture. We have scrimped and saved three years for this! Very exciting!!!

  6. Bill, glad you are better now! Sounds like you guys have really been having fun; I am so excited for you and Jon. I don't always have time to comment, but love the honesty and reality of your posts!