Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rant # 7

Today I want to share the story of our little girl, Roxy. It is another story about love. I hope you don't find me a one note blogger but love is the core of everything I hold dear. They say you should write about what you know so THIS is what I know.

Seven years ago when Jon and I first came to Palm Springs we decided that we wanted to adopt a rescue dog. Because we live in an apartment we thought we should look for a small or medium size dog. I called a local shelter and got all the necessary info and off we went.

We entered the shelter and there was a long corridor lined with cages/kennels full of dogs. At the very end of this corridor, I saw this face. It wassn't the small dog I was looking for. It was a big beautiful red and white mixed breed. It was a "Some Enchanted Evening" moment. She was looking at me directly and I didn't look at another animal. It was love at first sight and, as I approached, I could see that the love was mutual.

Meanwhile Jon was off looking at all the available dogs. By the time he rejoined me I had one of the shelter workers bring this big female out of her cage. She licked me immediately and wagged her tail cautiously. Almost like she was afraid of being disappointed. Jon took her for a test walk but I went to the office before he returned to pay the fee and sign the papers. Poor Jon didn't get much of a say 'cuz I was in love.

Roxy was approximately 7 years old and had been left outside the shelter in a closed box with a litter of 6 puppies. The pups were adopted right away but nobody wanted to adopt an older dog. Well, nobody but us. We named her Roxy right on the spot and led her to our truck. She jumped right in. She knew she was going home.

We have now had this incredible companion for 7 years. She has never waivered in her love and committment to us. She is about 14 yrs old now but she hasn't slowed down much. She is still our little girl.

Roxy has taught us so much about love by her example. Every day she shows us what the words love and loyalty truly mean. I try to be like Roxy. I want to be a good dog too.

Peace and love,



  1. I love your pet stories - and your great big loving heart.

  2. Great story heart runneth over with happiness! I wish all the dogs in shelters could have great homes. So sad what happens to them. I try to do my part!
    Roxy is a very lucky dog!!!!!!

  3. I love these stories! Roxy sounds like one special girl. My family and I adopted a dog from the shelter in Sac and he was such a loving, wonderful companion. He was about the size of Roxy but actually thought he was a cat because he was the only dog in a house full of 5 cats! I found him perching on things in the backyard. It was hysterical. :-)

    Roxy is one lucky dog to have found you and Jon. Your love for her shines through!

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